C-view 4.0 explorer

C-view 4.0 Explorer

C-view 4.0 explorer is the CST complete supervisory system for a new process line or it can be retrofitted
to an existing line, it is designed with a high level of modularity and allows the user to manage the system from
material handling storage to conveying and/or dosing.
Based on industrial B&R technology, C-view 4.0 is a state-of-the-art solution to completely manage the
extrusion line with an HTML user friendly operator interface which also allows easy access from smartphones and
tablets guaranteeing the customer can continuously keep their business under control.
C-view 4.0 as with all CST machines, integrates OPC-UA which allows information to be easily and securely
exchanged between diverse platforms from multiple vendors at zero cost.
Thanks to this OPC technology C-view 4.0 saves engineering costs when exchanging process data between
C-view 4.0 controlled machines and other process machines plus allows easy communication between a
customer’s management software such as MRP, ERP or CRM.
Different options are available to control existing and/or new utilities.
Wide range of HMI’s available E.g. MultiTouch screen 15”-19”-21”.



> Multi line control
> Variable speed drive of the dosing devices
> Monitoring of the recipes
> Recipes storage
> Alarm history
> Graphic display
> Multi-level protection through passwords
> Air conditioning for cabinet temperature control (optional)



> OPC.UA communication protocol.
> Multi touch technology.
> Powerlink technology.
> Ethernet connection.
> Remote assistance.
> Modbus TCP/IP