Twin screw feeding unit

C-twyn is CST’s twin screw feeding unit engineered in different sizes in order to feed powders, granules, pellet
and flakes. Available in gravimetric or volumetric versions. In the loss-in-weight modules, an analogue load cell is
installed guaranteeing a high weighing accuracy.
When precision and high consistency are integral parts of the production process, a twin screw system is a great
asset. One single motor, through an integrated aluminium gear box drives the feeding screw and the horizontal
agitator, which avoids bridging and keeps constant material flow.
Different screw configurations allows the user to feed any kind of product with any kind of throughput accurately and
with consistency.
The modular design of the C-twyn series, permits the user to change material and feed-rate by simply changing
the screws and discharge outlet.



High modularity is the principal feature of all CST equipment. For this reason standard feeder hoppers can be perfectly combined with various measure extensions, chosen in relation to flow rate.



> Compact design.
> Easy and fast maintenance/cleaning without using tools.
> ATEX compliant if required.

> Parts in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316L.
> AC, DC or brushless motors.
> DT-19 > DT-28 > DT-46



In some cases sticky materials need to be moved in order to flow freely and to avoid the creation of blocks or bridging.