Jet Filter

Jet filter

C-jfc is CST’s jet filter to de-dust air during material transport operations.
The jet filter C-jfc with its high filtering capacity is the best solution for dust collection. It’s particularly suited for
automatic pneumatic conveying systems (vacuum or pressure) of dusty materials. The front or side door allows
easy access to the filtering sleeves or cartridges in order to inspect them.
Jet filter uses a self-cleaning system by means of pulsed jets of compressed air, in this way most of the filtered
powder returns back to the hopper or silo and the sleeves or cartridges are kept clean during the conveying phase.



> Easy and fast maintenance.
> Programmable cleaning time.
> Available in different sizes and filtering surfaces
> Sleeves or cartridge filtering elements.
> Parts in contact with the product are made instainless steel AISI304 or AISI316L.
> ATEX compliant if required.



Mainfolds for the cleaning of the filtering elements.



For the control of the impulse valves. 


Hopper loader

C-rvh is CST’s vacuum conveying system.
The hopper loader is composed of a hopper with an integrated filter for granules or non-critical powders. The
material is sucked by means of a single, double or triple stage side channel vacuum pump.
The material is discharged by means of a paddle. This unit, available in different volumetric sizes, can be perfectly
integrated into all CST or existing feeding systems.



> Available in different sizes.
> ATEX compliant if required.
> Parts in contact with the product are more in stainlees steel AISI304 or AISI316L.