Empty bag stations

C-ebs is CST ’s solution to handle all materials stocked in bags.
The manual empty bags station makes it easy for the emptying of the bags by the operator. The unit is engineered
to handle 25 kg bags (or bigger) containing powders (free or non-flowing), ground materials, pellets and flakes of
different particle sizes.
The CST empty bag station’s are equipped with a front door with integrated shock absorber, an internal grid, a
support surface for the bags, sleeve filters and aspirators when required.



> Parts in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316L.
> ATEX compliant if required.



In some cases it is necessary to install a fluidisation system by driving air through nozzles to simplify material flow.


Empty big bag station

C-ebbs is CST’s solution to handle materials stocked in big bags. Every empty big bag model can be customized
on the basis of the material to be handled and on the basis of the plant layout.
The empty big bag station is suitable for all bulk solid materials.
The big bag can easily be fixed on the support frame by means of a forklift or by means of an electrical hoist in
order to discharge the material in to the hopper below.
Discharge hoppers and unloading systems are available in different configurations, depending on the specific
customer needs and on the product to be handled.



> Frame in painted carbon steel.
> ATEX compliant if required.
> Discharge hopper in carbon steel or stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316L.


Electrical hoist version.

Fork lift version.